Arizona Real Estate Civil Law Suit

Q: If I am involved in a civil law suit about a real estate partnership based on a verbal agreement and the partners were me wife the plaintiff and his girlfriend. They are suing, in addition to me personally, my LLC’s. My LLC’s were in no way involved in this partnership. No bank accounts, the LLC’s aren’t even active. They are being aged to be used later. I am trying to file a motion to get the LLC’s dismissed and to continue with the lawsuit against me personally (I know this is backwards). What motion (or law) do I file on what grounds?

A: I agree that a motion for summary judgment is the right motion to file. However, you need to file some groundwork first. Well-defined requests to admit and interrogatories will give you the foundation for your motion to succeed. In my experience on this type of case, you will want to make sure your ducks are in a row before filing. Also, the angle you take might be different depending on which Maricopa County Superior Court judge is assigned to your case.

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Brad Denton, Mesa Business Attorney.
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