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Mr. Denton and the attorneys who work with him are experienced in handling the legal aspects of real estate transactions. We have extensive knowledge in drafting and negotiating numerous types of contracts. We assist our clients with negotiating both purchase and sale contracts for their property. In addition to negotiating contracts, we also draft lease agreements, easement agreements, and other types of real estate contracts for our clients. We have been involved in various types of litigation related to real estate.

With the downturn in the real estate market, we assist clients in dealing with their debt and with the bank. Our firm has success in negotiating with banks for our clients in refinancing and renegotiating debt. We also help clients facing foreclosure and repossession of their property. If you are facing foreclosure or repossession, our firm can help you work with the bank to achieve the best possible outcome.

We represent many different types of parties involved in real estate, such as lenders, borrowers, investors, landlords, renters and more. We work in commercial and residential real estate. Our wealth of experience gives us perspective to help our clients, whatever their position. Here are just a few examples of real estate matters that Mr. Denton has worked on:

  • On behalf of our credit union client, obtained foreclosures against clients in arrears on their property payments.
  • Drafted structure of an integrated family of LLCs to purchase and manage numerous real estate acquisitions.
  • On behalf of lender clients, conducted trustee’s sales on delinquent real estate loans.
  • On behalf of borrowers, negotiated significant discounts – as much as 90% – on distressed loans.
  • Obtained a jury verdict after trial on a quiet title action (dispute over a property boundary).
  • Drafted many contracts related to sale and rental of real estate.

For more information about how our Arizona real estate lawyers can help you with your real estate needs, please contact our law firm.

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